September 28, 2020

One Year Retrospective


We set out to create the world's greatest Japanese curriculum and after one year we are well along the way; we've even invented several tools to help that process go more smoothly.

Wag: Visually Compose
For one, we created the visual sentence composing tool Wag which allows new students to make Japanese happen very easily. It will always be grammatically correct (maybe not in meaning but certainly in sequence) and it is a cornerstone of our future work.

Rolling Questions: Forum
We have also built a questions and answers forum on a brand-new idea: every page is a chatroom. In this way, questions and answers are rooms with main topics, and the discussion can be ongoing. First, we start with rooms, and when you promote an answer to a question, it creates a new chatroom for that question. In a question room, any response can be promoted to an answer, and it will show up towards the top of the page in green. It's a simple concept that is very powerful and fills a void where other Q&A sites are blind.

Chapters, Lessons, Curriculum
We've been steadily expanding our collection of chapters for lessons and our custom dialogues.

Audio Reading Tutor
We created an audio reading tutor to help students learn classic Japanese stories line-by-line by sight and sound.

Hiragana Identification with Sound
We've released for free our hallmark tool, the Hiragana listening quiz.
Now anyone can learn the Japanese letters without relying on romaji, or latin transliteration.

Cumulative Daily Quiz
And we've added our amazing cumulative daily quiz that will give you a collection of questions from the curriculum you've seen so far, to keep you on a daily swing and give you confidence in the material more rapidly. Our students report that after just a few days they "feel much more confident" in their ability for recall of the material seen so far. It's really inspiring to see many people getting something valuable out of the program and we are delighted to work on it for bringing Japanese language to the world!

As we continuously improve our tooling for our subscribers, we hope you will stay tuned. If you are sincerely interested in learning Japanese we would be honored for you to join us. The chapters are written in a way to maximize comprehension and help you dive in to a native mindset as swiftly as possible. We rely on the 2011 Balanced Corpus for our frequency analysis and curriculum orientation -- so far we are astonished with the results of our learners because they are making amazing progress and recognizing language in natural media, such as shows and radio programs, very rapidly. By teaching the hardest part of Japanese first and foremost: the grammar and particles, we prepare the learner to climb the sheer rockface of Japanese with the best tools for the task.

You can learn more about our offering at and we offer a free guide at

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