October 18, 2019

What's Next? "After Learning with Genki I and II"



We are synthesizing a lot of questions we get about Japanese learning in general into helpful blog posts. We find that the more we stay active online in a helpful manner, the better our reputation. In general, we desire to be a precise and helpful language assistance platform, and it helps to create posts that give value for free without asking for much or anything in return. This gives your consumers faith that if you're giving something nice away for free, the paid for product must be that much better! And it's quite true in our case, we could give away countless little snippets of the curriculum, and the value still wouldn't be near enough to shadow the value in our signature product, Japanese Complete. Image of the Typhoon going crazy. Please pray for Japan.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • MVP Launch
    The road was long and bumpy, but we learned a lot from it. After a couple of months of working day and night, we finally finished the first MVP of wha
  • Public launch
    On June 1st we will finally launch publically and start our marketing offensive to acquire new customers. We will only serve the Luxembourgish market