December 1, 2019

ETA set

David Klein @dakl

Oh well, the last month of 2019 has begun, the holiday season is beginning and I am in the midst of planning what I have yet to do to get out the door. Coding is at 60% (roughly) and I am slowly hitting my productivity block. Not sure if others have that, maybe it's just me and my own psyche, but the closer I get to finishing something, the harder it is to execute it. Other, newer, fancier features and ideas are popping up left and right, and they seem oh so tempting to start working on them as well... ;)

To tackle this, I have set myself a hard ETA (estimated time of arrival; or deadline if you will):

January 1st, 2020, midnight. (I'll schedule this ;) )

This will be my launch date. Whatever it takes. Finished or unfinished. It'll be released and marketing can commence.

My Todo-list spans 73 items, of which 12 are high priority to be able to launch. All 61 other todo's will have to wait.

Pricing is still not really worked out yet (sick!). I am struggling to find the sweet spot here. Some competitors do a lot more than I do, and their pricing is a lot cheaper than mine, but do charge a hefty monthly fixed rate as well.



  • $499 monthly fixed rate (yearly contracts only)
  • No free API calls
  • $0.50 per api call

My pricing idea:

  • $50 monthly fixed rate (monthly contracts)
  • 100 free API calls ($0.50 per api call)
  • $0.80 per additional API call
  • No charge for repeated/same API calls

I am targeting startups & SMBs, hence my service would be cheaper than my competition up until my customer's 1764th unique monthly API call.

Because Maths

For 100 unique monthly API calls

  • $549 at competition
  • $50 at Jarbot

For 500 unique monthly API calls

  • $749 at competition
  • $370 at Jarbot

For 1.000 unique monthly API calls

  • $999 at competition
  • $770 at Jarbot

The Sweetspot

For 1.763 unique monthly API calls:

  • $1.380,50 at competition
  • $1,380,40 at Jarbot

With this kind of base pricing structure I could still lower pricing and increase the sweetspot for monthly API calls.

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