Micro blog

A couple of months ago, I came across micro.blog.

I love the ability to share pieces of my life in public, but in what feels like a 'safe' part of the internet. It's part blog, part community and I mostly use it for blogging (self-expressing), but I've already made a couple of friends on there; I even met someone on there IRL and we ended up recording in-person for my podcast, which I'd never done before & was an amazing experience.

Micro-blogging is my way of building in public, though I'm sharing pieces of my life as a whole rather than work stuff.

I'm finding I'm sharing things on there I wasn't before online. It's now replaced twitter for me (I sync micro.blog -> twitter).

My handle is: micro.blog/jasraj

  1. 2

    At first glance this looks like everything I wish Twitter could be. Thanks for the recommendation, excited to try it out

    1. 1

      you're welcome! It's my favourite blogging platform/online space for sure (:

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