August 14, 2019

Coming up with the idea

Mike Stokes @apparchitectsnz

I'd been stumbling around, experimenting with various SaaS product ideas.

With all the ideas there was a common problem - the product was ready to show and I needed a super-quick way to build a high quality website to explain the value to potential customers and start gathering feedback.

I tried lots of website builders but none of them did what I wanted... I wanted an easy way to concentrate on the content, not the building of the website. I wanted to iterate things quickly and easily and I wanted to capture users for further conversations and conversion.

I wanted a combination of a website builder, landing page builder, hosting and integration with marketing platforms.

Today's Top Milestones
  • 1st month earning $18k+ in affiliate commissions
    I was paid $18,236 in affiliate commissions in July, as reported here: That was a massive jump from t
  • 12 Customer in 1st month for TailwindCSS library
    So it's been a month since Zukoni UI library opened for beta user and so far 12 people have bought a subscription. Most of the subscription was bought
  • Crossed £100,000 revenue last year
    Last year in July, Geekflare was registered in the UK. While looking into accounting, I realized the total revenue had crossed £100,000. When I starte
  • Someone bought a 1 year plan!
    Today, someone paid $100 for a 1 year plan for Nocodelytics! 😲 For Nocodelytics I only have a monthly plan and the first