January 24, 2021

Launched on PH!

Oras Al-Kubaisi @oras

I decided to launch on PH today. I didn't expect much as Show HN was a failure and didn't make it to the proper show hn page.
But with PH, it is totally different. At one point I made it to the 4th product of the day and people are signing up and trying different job titles!


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    Upvoted on PH!

    Wow what an interesting use of GPT-3, how long did it take you to train it to do this? What did you train it on?

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      Thanks @bwb! I'm glad you liked it.

      There are two calls actually behind the scenes.

      1. Classifier for detecting of the input is a real job or not. If you try something random like [show me results] you will receive an error.
      2. Text completion to generate the job requirements. This is trained on listing job specifications based on job title.

      It took few days of training to get to the current result. I would like to see some feedback from users regarding their experience and how would they rate the results.

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        Very cool!!! Thanks for sharing :)

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