December 31, 2019

Finally, finally released!

Nicolaj Gajhede @ngajhede

After four months of building, refining and making critical changes in the business model, I am so happy to announce that is finally released!

The feeling of finally releasing it is so fantastic, and I am so hyped to build the last missing features and refining the user experience over the next coming months.

Whats amazing is that I soft launched last week, but already got 3 users without mentioning that it was live. Now I just have to work on the organic traffic (I'm on rank 31 when you search for 'jobflow' 😫). Anyone got any tips or resources about SEO?

I really couldn't have done it without some amazing fellow Indie Hackers, so thank you all so much for keeping my spirit high.

Happy new year!

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    Congrats on the release! SEO on a brand new site is hard, and it sucks when your page doesn't even rank well for the name of your company. When I first started The Match Artist, I just ran a bunch of Google Ads targeting the exact phrase "The Match Artist" and "Match Artist". Because it was such a low volume term the CPA was really cheap. That's what I recommend doing for any new business.

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      Thank you!
      I just followed you advice, and made ad campaigns targeting exact match for Jobflow. Hopefully that'll work. Thanks!

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    Congrats! FYI it looks like returns a 404 when i try to sign up with my company

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      Thank you! Yes, i changed the URL to - Forgot to change it in the app. Sorry about that!

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        Hmm... looks like it still doesn't work for me on the signup page. Happy to show you via screenshare if easiest

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    Nice job Nicolaj! I love the landing page. I'll second asking where the illustrations came from..they look awesome!

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      Thank you Josh! I appreciate it. The illustrations are from the Cherry set at icons8!

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    Hey Nicolaj! Congratulations for launching! It's an exhilarating feeling but as you know that's only the beginning of the journey :D

    Your website looks amazing by the way, so congrats for that as well.

    SEO wise, I would focus on becoming "relevant" in general. To pull up Monitoro (my own project) in the rankings for its own name, it was mostly a question of trying to get it on as many websites as possible, directories such as Producthunt, Betalist, etc.. Take a look at for many of these (but pick wisely!) if you haven't done so already.

    What's Jobflow's differentiating factor? I would focus on using that to own a niche, in terms of user engagement, and also in SEO via some well thought out articles that would rank you higher.

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      Hey Omar, thank you so much!
      Yes, today has been amazing - new years eve and finally releasing. Can't beat that feeling, and I am so excited for the journey ahead.

      Thank you for the directory. I'll try and post it on relevant sites. So far, It's been on SaaSHub for a month i think, and I've gotten some good backlinks from competitor "X Alternatives"-pages. That's a start atleast.

      I've written about what problem we solve on the blog ( but what differentiates us from competitors is hard to say.

      I know we have some competitors in Germany (I used to live in Berlin as well, where there is and Honeypot, as you've probably seen ads from on the Ubahn), but here in Denmark and Scandinavia there's no one with this form of service, even though we got the exact same problems in tech recruiting.

      Thanks again, and have a happy new year!

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        Hey Nicolaj!

        I looked at the results for jobflow, and they seem to be focus on software (and hardware) automation, so I think there's quite some room for you to grow.

        Your focus on Scandinavia is a great differentiator to start with. Try to get well positioned in the local market (references from local news websites, etc), and improve your ranking for specific keywords (aarhus, copenhagen, for example), or even partner with a local startup hub (not an expert, but could be interesting?), as well as sponsoring local meetups etc.. Anything to get backlinks and references to jobflow in your local market.

        Good luck and happy new year to you too 🎉

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    Nice job! I recommend adding Social Logins as its less tedious to Sign Up/ Login and removes friction to get users onboarded. That's easy enough to do with Netlify (Check out their OAuth Integration).

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    Congrats on launching the project. Speaking about SEO, I like the tips mentioned here:

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      Thank you! I'll take a loot, appreciate it.

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    Love those illustrations you use! Where did you have them done?

    Congrats on the launch 🥳

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      Hey Bryce! They're from Icons8.

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    The landing page looks amazing. Although, the idea is not that new, how you gonna make a difference, there are many competitors in the market, isn't it?

    For SEO, is it a SPA ? What tech stack you've used? If it is a SPA, then how are you doing server-side rendering? Do you need page specific SEO?

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      Hiya! Thank you!

      Nope, there's competitors, but not in Scandinavia where I am based - I am starting here, and then moving on when the market here is conquered! :D

      It's built in Nuxt.js (Vue), and it's generated as a static site and deployed on Netlify. I am using vue-meta for meta titles and descriptions.