😄 New landing page is live!


I've had the landing page ready for a few days, but was unsure if I wanted to release it just yet. I asked around and got told to do it ASAP.

SEO is not ready yet, as well as the actual sign up - for now it's just email list signup, but that's also okay.

Would love any feedback all of you have. https://jobflow.io

The development of the platform is also going well. Got the base frontend set up, and now I'm focusing on the API and backend structure. It's all written in NodeJS and Express with a MongoDB-database. The frontend is in Vue and Nuxt.


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    Hi Nicolaj !
    I love your logo font !
    The violet color scheme is great :)
    Some thoughts:

    • Ending dot in your logo looks a bit offbeat, is it important part of your logo ?
      Maybe you can play with it's position.
    • I like how You used color to make accent on "choose" and "want"
      here is some idea to make your moto more obvious > http://prntscr.com/p92jul (sorry for draft pixelizing)
      (Selected area on the right : hand is barely visible above the table - you can change some colors here to add more contrast )
    • Putting the logo on "No more copy/pasting..." background is a good idea, maybe it'll be better to use full size logo here (not cropped), and make it white (with high transparency), dark shade of violet looks a bit dirty here, imho.
    • Sign up CTA texts on buttons can be bigger :)
    • "For developers, by developers" illustration on the left: hands has very similar color and looks like one object, left headphone speaker looks strange :)
    • "Startup or a top tech company" illustration: not sure what circle on envelope means + I'd test light color scheme for these software windows on the right.
    • icons in the footer can have lighter stroke (1 & 4 looks great though )

    Well done Nicolaj !
    Best of Luck with your great project !

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      Hey Romarto!

      Sorry for being slow at replying, a lot of work to be done. :) Thank you so much for your feedback.

      Everything has been noted, and i will be going over it in the next few days. I really really appreciate it.


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    Hi, just visited your site, the landing page is great, you're doing well.

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