March 31, 2020

Made "first contact" with @heylorenzut

Eric Ryan Jones @StayingGeeky

I had a great video chat with @heylorenzut today. Such a cool guy and a kindred spirit for sure! Looking forward to future chats, encouragement, and progress on both of our projects! if you're looking for a Virtual Co-working space or self-awareness conversations reach out!!

  1. 2

    Had such a great time @StayingGeeky. We def have some shared energy. Wanna just go ahead and schedule another one ~10 days out or so? So we keep this train rolling before we forget, lol.

    1. 2

      love that you two are connected!

Today's Top Milestones
  • 🎉 $9k MRR in < 5 months!
    Over the past weekend, Software Ideas hit $9k MRR! This growth has been due to some finding some organic success with some long-tail SEO keywords, as
  • Just hit $260,000 in Sales 💰
    2020 has certainly not been our best year. We've had our suppliers close down because of Covid-19, and our sales plummet, but we did have some stock i
  • LP done for 101+ ways to get new customers online
    As I'm currently fully booked by 10 SaaS companies with a reasonably sized waiting list even if someone does decide to drop off, I've decided to launc
  • 300+ Subscribers 😁🎉
    The Startup has hit another milestone! Updates: * I've taken a step back from aggressive short-term growth techniques (Reddit posts etc.) and have sta
  • Validated on Reddit
    I was thinking about the idea for some days, but I recently ditched my other idea (Startab) and decided to give this one a try. So, I spent ~2h figuri
  • Our First Press Release
    We just released our first press release for
  • 600+ first users!
    After a few months of release on WordPress repo, we got 600+ active installations! Cheers! We expect an increase in views and downloads this November
  • Launched MVP
    MVP completed and shared with some reddit communities. It was received well by several subreddits, someone even gave one of the posts silver. Error lo
  • 26$ on the first 24h
    On the Woman Entrepreneur Day I shared my struggles on Instagram and how learning to track my finances has helped me not gain mental health and not fr
  • Launched the website 🥳
    I set myself a challenge: to build and launch the project in less than 48hours. I spent a bit of time thinking about how to make the website useful fo