March 31, 2020

Made "first contact" with @heylorenzut

Eric Ryan Jones @StayingGeeky

I had a great video chat with @heylorenzut today. Such a cool guy and a kindred spirit for sure! Looking forward to future chats, encouragement, and progress on both of our projects! if you're looking for a Virtual Co-working space or self-awareness conversations reach out!!

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    Had such a great time @StayingGeeky. We def have some shared energy. Wanna just go ahead and schedule another one ~10 days out or so? So we keep this train rolling before we forget, lol.

    1. 2

      love that you two are connected!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Launched my favicon builder on ProductHunt
    I decided to create some free tools to increase traffic to my website. I started with a free favicon maker where you can create letter-based favicons
  • Reached 2.500€ in revenue
    Slow but steady the number of sellings is going up. Focusing on the content creation to showcase people what they can build with the tool, and improvi
  • Launched Maker News on Product Hunt
    I just submitted a new project under the Maker Reads umbrella: Inspired by the latest product by @mubasha
  • Added migrations management (v0.13)
    This release of Blacksmith adds few features, such as migration management, schema versioning, file generation, and a Docker-based workflow. It is a v
  • Finally Got Started
    i've been thinking and reading about Newsletters and Social Ads in general, and finally i'm glad that i got started with it. I will be sending out tip