October 5, 2019

Burn that gasoline

Valentine Erokhin @a2svior

I've held the concept for Just Find This in my hand and on paper for a couple of months now, but today I got my sh*t together and bought the domain.

It will be an online educational thing-y, still not sure what exact form it will take. It will teach people how to search for information on the internet in that way that will get them comprehensive results. Basically it will teach us how to google.

"Just Find This" striked me as a catchy phrase, so I went with it. It was also a .com, which is nice.

I've also started building an MVP / landing page with Hugo. It's almost done (took an evening) but I need to come up with a copy that will explain to people why they need (or don't) to learn how to search stuff on the internet in the first place and whether it will help them much with their lives. I believe it will.

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