September 1, 2019

$278 MRR / 82 websites / 1200 comments in August

Alex Rudenko @orkon

Computing MRR was tricky for JustComments because the payments are not really monthly. Customers purchase a certain amount of services (e.g. requests) and the next payment is due when that amount is consumed. So I decided to calculate the MRR as the amount of services consumed in a month by non-trial accounts. And this is the current result (note: I have been using the new pricing since mid-August):

  • $278 MRR
  • 82 active non-trial websites
  • 1200 comments left via JustComments this month

So far JustComments had a low churn and I wonder what the churn will be in the next months with the new pricing.

I am looking into ways of growing in terms of customers faster, any advice?

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