December 5, 2019

Woah! 40k users! 90% organic search

Herman Martinus @HermanMartinus

JustSketchMe has become a great example of SEO done well. I realised a while back that SMM was not my forté (having abandoned my personal FB, IG and Twitter accounts a while back).

Instead I focused on my strengths, technical SEO and delivering a great product. Add time to the mix, and as of today I'm getting ~1.5k visitors per day, roughly 50% of them coming from organic search.

For those interested in how I did this, it was nothing special. I just made sure that all my basic technical SEO was mint, and played around with Ubersuggest until I had the best cocktail of keywords for my product.

My next step is backlink outreach :)

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    First of all congratulations!

    To other Indie Hackers willing to replicate his success: keep in mind that this isn’t typical.

    He was able to do that because he is in a niche with some high volume/low competition keywords (example: “drawing poser” - 22k monthly searches).

    Getting all that traffic with only a single page and some on page SEO is awesome for him but pretty rare!

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      Correct :) If I were in a more competitive market I'd have to put a much more robust strategy in place with multiple pages of SEO optimized content to rank.

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      What do you use to figure out what monthly searches? Is it a Google product?

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        You can use Google Keyword Planner or another free third party tool like Ubersuggest.

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      I was looking at this and scratching my head. It just doesn’t happen in the core niches like fitness, marketing, etc.

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    Great work.

    I know what a grind SEO can be. I’m great at building links but not so great at the technical side (page speed always gives me issues :(

    How are you ranking those pages with, basically, no links pointing at your domain (Ahrefs says you have 48 dofollow referring domains).

    Upon further investigation, I can see why. Keep it up!

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    Good product btw, i have it in my browser as an app

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    Could you please describe more about how did you choose the keywords? Is it the mix of big values keywords with less competitors?

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      I experimented for a bit and it was less about the length of the keyword mix, and more about my perceived search terms for the site. Figuring out what people were searching for that would be solved by my product was the mindset shift, as they didn't know a tool like this existed. Something as subtle as shifting from "posable character" to "figure drawing reference" made all the difference.

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        Thanks, than I am in right direction

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    Hey Herman, that's some awesome traffic. We have just overhauled our SEO on our website and now we wait until thee google bot picks up those changes. I'm a strategist/branding guy so knew nothing about SEO until recently... so keen to keep learning.

    I'm interested to know what you meant by this " I just made sure that all my basic technical SEO was mint, and played around with Ubersuggest until I had the best cocktail of keywords for my product."

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      I hope it goes well! For the technical SEO I mostly used Lighthouse (built into Chrome's devtools) to do SEO audits. It checks for things like relevant meta tags, seo descriptions, page speed, etc. Once I was getting a good score for that (actually managing to get 100%) I used a couple of free online SEO analysers that show more in-depth suggestions such as the length of titles and descriptions, OpenGraph tags, etc. Theeeeeen over a period of time watched the analytics and used Ubersuggest to suggest relevant keywords based on search volume and implemented those into my copy and meta information.

      I hope this helps. There are a lot of great guides online on how to do SEO well, although a lot of them go into content marketing (which I have yet to get into).

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        I tried Lighthouse and what a cool tool it is. However, as I'm not that technical so I have no clue what it means... but sent to my dev. The stats are pretty good though: Performance 84%, Accessibility 79%, Best Practices 92% and SEO 100%.

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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