November 16, 2019

Came up with an idea that I felt I could build

I. Romeo Kwihangana @kwiromeo

I keep a running list of ideas in Evernote, but most of them are beyond my skill set. Most ideas I have are a mix of something that currently exists, but in another field. One of the ideas was a newsletter about hardware companies and trying to explain the tech behind them. Another one was to build a search engine for electronics parts documentation. And then I thought about doing hacker news for the aviation industry, then I thought about techmeme for aviation industry, and the I thought about techmeme for cryptocurrencies.

The name was originally imacrypto (ima stands for now in japanese). Then when I was about to buy the domain, I realize that people would pronounce it " I'm a crypto" if they said it 3 times fast. So I went for kamecrypto in ode to Kame House from Dragon Ball Z.

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