December 2, 2020

Changed positioning & update landing page

Harry Lucas @hlucas

So with Delighted, the one thing I've struggled with is the positioning of the product. However after talking with a few larger scale prospects I think I've found something that should resonate a bit better.

The new positioning is less of 'Get to product market fit X% faster' and more of 'Turn your product into a growth engine' which I think better communicates the value prop.

This means I've had to make some changes to the landing page and I've had to remove the (18 minute!) product demo for now. Luckily this means I get the joy of recording a new one! :(

You can see the new landing page here:

I am also trying out a few different angles on the landing page front which you can see here:

  1. Targeting product managers:
  2. Targeting smaller SaaS companies:

Would love any feedback anyone has!

  1. 1

    Hey @hlucas you are working on an interesting space because more and more companies irrespective of small or big are starting to focus on data to make quicker and more informed decisions.

    One of the companies which might be similar to what you are doing is Enjoy HQ, they graduated out of Techstars in 2015 where I worked as an associate. The founders have gone through alot of product positioning tweaks over the years.

    One suggestion for the website is in the second section explain the benefits directly. Otherwise the website looks very clean and easy to understand. Maybe also mention the people who would best benefit using the website like PM's and Data driven founders.

    Hope this helps.

    1. 1

      Hey @Nakkeeran thanks for this - it helps a lot. Will take it on board and adjust the benefits directly. Are you referring to the section I have lower, (e.g. 2x growth, $0 wasted dev) or something different?

      1. 1

        Hey Harry, I was referring to the "Stop guessing what your customers..." section.

        The 2x growth section can be maybe named as "The financial or growth value Delighted can provide your business"

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