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Two years later...

It's been an interesting two years. Kanban for WordPress continues to be my main focus as a side hustle, and it's still a side hustle. The business is growing, slowly and steadily.

We're a month away from launching the beta of our all-new version 3. Written from the ground up, it will address nearly everything I've learned about our customers in the last two years.


While our biggest customer segment is project management, most of our users do not use the plugin for project management. Tracking sales, job applicants and story ideas are some of the biggest other segments. So we're focusing on customization for a few key niches, adding more business-focused value.

We're also a "we". Jake Waller joined the team to do our marketing, and we have a few freelancers helping us get version 3 out the door.

In the last two years, our revenue increased 3x. I'm optimistic we'll do better in the next two :-)

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