January 28, 2021

Got feedback from paying customers

Jonas Larsen @jonaslarsen

Kanbana is a very generic app and it is used by thousands of users in many creative ways. It is great to see users be creative with your product, but it also causes some problems. For example, the feature requests I receive from users are all over the board. Some users request full-blown collaboration features, while other users praise me for the simplicity but could really use one of two more color options for their tasks.

After reading April Dunford's "Obviously Awesome" I'm trying to position Kanbana to appeal even more to the customers who are already paying for Kanbana Premium. By being more targeted in the communication, I hope that I can attract more customers and get better input for prioritizing new features.

The first step in April's process is to understand your "Competitive Alternatives". So, in order to better understand the current users, I sent out this brief email to 100 paying users.


So far, I have gotten 7 replies, and I gotta say that I'm surprised over the consistency in the responses to the last second question:


Over the next weeks, I'll collect more replies and start to change the positioning. I think I will start by doing a complete rewrite of the description in the App Store. Hopefully, that will drive more and higher quality downloads.

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