August 23, 2019

Frustration with Project Management Tools

Scott Tadman @Tadman

When managing any non-trivial project there's dozens of tools that promise to help make that process easier, yet many of these are either far too simplistic, falling far short of what's actually necessary to manage that process, or have so much complexity that you need to dedicate yourself to the role of understanding and operating the tool.

What if there was a project management tool that embedded itself in your workflow and helped out along the way, giving you advice, templates to work from, and observed your work to ensure you're on the right path?

What if instead of being this tool you use reluctantly or are forced to use because it's part of some official process you need to follow, that the tool made your life easier and more pleasant and you enjoyed using it?

The target market here is technically minded founders who want a way to build out a product and manage that process without having to pivot to being a full-time project manager to keep the process running. It's a developer-minded approach to managing projects and getting to the point of shipping.

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