August 15, 2019

We Hired 10 Employees!

Julia Enthoven @jjejje

We started Kapwing (an online image and video editor) almost two years ago and grew the company from 2 co-founders to 12 full-time employees in the last 12 months. Our team is based full-time in San Francisco, where the unemployment rate is astonishingly low. I wanted to write up a brief article on our learnings around hiring for other first-time entrepreneurs trying to hire engineers.

Like marketing and sales, hiring requires hustle. There’s no silver bullet and no easy way. We’ve spent less than $1000 on hiring, but I’ve had coffees or breakfasts with probably hundreds of candidates. Measured by hours, recruiting is one of our largest investments.

In this article, I summarize the channels and tactics that worked and didn't work for us. This list is not exhausted, but it does give you a place to start if you're trying to source talent in SF.

Read more on the Kapwing blog

  1. 4

    I wonder if you really need so many people :)))

    1. 1

      Right, you always hear about how many people are on the team, but never about WHY so many people are even needed.

      1. 1

        We're not VC funded but at similar revenue numbers. We have 13 people including myself, but not all full time. Here's the breakdown...

        3 - Marketing
        2 - Sales
        3- Customer Success / Support
        3 - Product Development (dev, qa, tech lead)
        1 - manager of sales and customer success

    2. 1

      They are VC funded. Exponential growth is a must!

      1. 3

        Yeah, it just answers the question "How are they paying?" but not the question "Why do they need so many people?" :)))))
        Exponential growth of customers - right
        Exponential growth of sales - right
        Exponential growth of employees - hmmmm....

  2. 3

    How much did you pay to host your jobs?

    1. 1

      About $4k, which is a lot. But it has saved us time and given us a code-free way to update job openings.

  3. 1


    How are you acquiring users right now?

    1. 1

      Mostly SEO. The product also has some built-in virality because of the watermark and because people share their video URLs with each other.

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