September 18, 2020 weekly update, week 106

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Aug 20-Aug 26 $2,084.48
  • Aug 27-Sep 2 $6,278
  • Sep 3-Sep 10 $3,787
  • Sep 11-Sep 17 $3,267

ARR: $224.4k (+1.7% vs. last week)
ARPU: $74 (0 vs. last week)
Churn: 3.9%


  • Current MRR: $18,700 (+5% vs. August) Sudden drop.
  • Hyper-active users total: 10,675 (+5% vs. last week)
  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $15,416 (0% vs. last week)
  • Total paying customers: 253 (+3 vs. last week)
  • MRR retention rate: 97.4%
  • Customer retention rate: 97.2%
  • Conversion rate 3.4%

Karma for Slack:

  • 3,595 (+0.9% vs. last week) teams.
  • 152 (-2 vs. last week) paying teams.
  • Active users who gave/received karma in the last 30 days: 7,615 (+0.8% vs. last week)
  • Average new teams per month: 128 (+0.7% vs. last week)
  • 130 (+0.5% vs. last week) teams on trial.
  • 138 (+9.5% vs. last week) free teams with karma last week.
  • 2,588 (+1.8% vs. last week) customers on a free plan.

Karma for MS:

  • Active teams: 7,626 (+1.6% vs. last week)
  • Paying teams: 84 (+2 vs.last week)
  • 430 (+12% vs. last week) teams on trial.


Today's Top Milestones
  • Passed 2,000 downloads!
    Just 2 weeks after posting my previous milestone, I’ve reached 2,000 podcast downloads. I’ve been trying to post as consistently as I can since the ep
  • Finally found a good acquisition channel
    And it's plain old search ads 😂 I cannot believe it took me that long to lean into them. I actually did try some adwords right when I started, but at
  • Logos for design startups are here!
    Hey there! After three weeks of hard work from our designer Lucie, the logo catalog for design startups is complete! This means that instead of havin
  • Temporarily pausing work on Good Code 👮
    Hi there everyone 👋 For the past 2 months, I've worked on Good Code — a website where you can download free Adobe XD templates that you can use to im
  • Development updates and changes
    So I've been getting a lot of feedback in the past few weeks and I've finally managed to get the design and the front-end done to a point where the te
  • Finished MVP and asked Beta Testers for Help
    I finished the first version of Product Explorer and asked on Twitter for help. Far more people than I had expected expressed their interest in beta-t
  • From 0 to integrations, in 5 minutes
    Today is a special day for Pizzly. We're live on Product Hunt 🚀. I strongly believe that being an open-source project does not mean we shouldn't do p
  • 100k all-time users 🚀
    Today, Hoppscotch crossed 100k all-time users within 1 year of initial commit. Hoppscotch is an open sourced API request builder. Online alternative t
  • Go-to-Market strategies for SaaS companies
    SaaS Boss Episode 44 - Today I interview Dekker Fraser and we talk about Go-to-Market strategies for SaaS companies. Dekker is a veteran Silicon Valle
  • Shipped a new feature!
    *Here the problem I'm solving:* - For me and people like me, the new tab seems to be not of any work. - Just some random website icons and google sear