October 2, 2020

Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 108

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Sep 3-Sep 10 $3,787
  • Sep 11-Sep 17 $3,267
  • Sep 18-Sep 24 $2,168
  • Sep 25-Oct 1 $6,279

ARR: $229,78k (+1.3% vs. last week)
ARPU: $74 (-1.4% vs. last week)
Churn: 0% (projected 2.8%)


  • Current MRR: $18,879 (+6% vs. August)
  • Hyper-active users total: 11,030 (+0.5% vs. last week)
  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $15,501 (0 vs. last week)
  • Total paying customers: 259 (+2 vs. last week)
  • MRR retention rate: 100.7%
  • Customer retention rate: 100%
  • Conversion rate 2.75%

Karma for Slack:

  • 3,619 (+0.1% vs. last week) teams.
  • 155 (+1 vs. last week) paying teams.
  • Active users who gave/received karma in the last 30 days: 8,005 (0 vs. last week)
  • Average new teams per month: 129 (+0.7% vs. last week)
  • 145 (+9% vs. last week) teams on trial.
  • 137 (+4.5% vs. last week) free teams with karma last week.
  • 2,634 (+1% vs. last week) customers on a free plan.

Karma for MS:

  • Active teams: 7,819 (+1% vs. last week)
  • Paying teams: 85 (-1 vs.last week)
  • 452 (-0.8% vs. last week) teams on trial.


  • Karma Feedback is getting traction, 53 users responded to it https://→.to/y9fuy4dx
  • Added custom user selection for Feedback: you can choose to send it only to full Slack members now
  • Added custom period selection for Feedback https://→.to/yytzt7nt
  • Started working on Karma Connect prototype
  • Custom achievements notifications simplified
  • HUGE progress on departments on Slack
  • Karma reports layout update https://dl.dropbox.com/s/hpv8q1ijj35bf8g/karma-reports.gif
  • Sent investor update. Sep was an OK month. Possibly high churn due to the second Covid wave.
  • No progress on Karma Education, which is a bit disappointing.
  • Got 2 front-end engineers shortlisted for an interview next week.
Today's Top Milestones
  • Switched to Paddle for subscriptions and payments
    I just figured that I have been forgetting to write some updates every now and then here, and I am not receiving reminders about it even though they a
  • Ready for Beta Launch
    I wasted the last 2 weeks thinking that I had to wait for Pocket to review the app, but apparently, I don't have to 😁 So I'm just fine-tuning a few t
  • Now Push secured our first paying 33 customers
    Just under a week into our general release, we have closed the week off with (at the time of writing) 33 customers, this means we have just under 500
  • Created MKM Tracks
    Created the Wealth, Growth and Entrepreneurs tracks. This will allow to manage member subscription lists to send emails every few days with specific i
  • Page Insight Got indexed by Google search
    3 days back, I submitted page Insight to the Google search console and today it finally appeared on Google search. Hopefully it is the start of my SEO
  • MVP Launch
    Unlike many of my past creations, I wanted to launch MakerKits.co as fast as possible to gauge interest from the community. Being an information-drive