Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 52

  • Aug 7-Aug 13 $1,510.7
  • Aug 14-Aug 20 $1,107.59
  • Aug 21-Aug 27 $1,759.61
  • Aug 28-Sep 3 $1,080.26


  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $5,456 (+6%)
  • Total paying customers: 115 (+1%)
  • NPS: +44
  • Talked to users: 38

Karmabot Slack:

  • 2,077 (0) teams.
  • 80 paying customers. +2 new paying teams!!
  • Active users who gave/received karma in the last 30 days: 5,150 (-5%)
  • Average new teams per month: 110 (+2)
  • 154 (+3%) teams on trial.
  • 100 (-2%) free teams with karma.
  • 1,439 (+1.5%) customers on free plan.
  • Teams using Rewards: 82 (+20%). Good results. The new mailing chain is working.
  • Validating Custom GIfs
  • Validating Karma Teams
  • Improved Welcome page
  • Getting ready for another PH launch.
  • Published 1 new YT videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kj-Jrj_eP2o
  • Getting ready for the interview http://launchaccelerator.co 🤞
  • Talked to another YC SUS 2019 group.

Karmabot MS:

  • 5,764 (+1%) teams, 66,128 users (0) a big team has joined.
  • Paying teams: 35 (+3%)
- TODO: Major design review

Karmabot Telegram:

  • 455 teams (+2%)

Why people install https://karmabot.chat:

  • Just started using Slack, employees indicated a lack of recognition on an annual survey, looking for a product to boos recognition.
  • Looking for an easy way to give kudos.
  • They have recognition in place right now, but it isn't instant, keen to learn more.
  • they have a praise channel in Slack, once a week everyone needs to jump in the channel and give nominations, then during the weekly meeting, everyone talks about nominations. What a waste of time! Looking for a way to get instant recognition and save everyone time!
  • The remote company, looking for a way to give kudos
  • The remote company, on a year anniversary, start looking for ways to praise people daily
  • Looking for an easy way to do performance reviews, praise people and build some company culture
  • Looking for an easy way to praise people
  • Using a product for recognition.
  • Used Karma for HipChat before, Moved to Slack
  • Looking for a tool to drive engagement and appreciation. Praise didn't quite work.
  • He thinks the company he works for has great values, but people do not take them seriously. "They are good values, that means a lot, not just some random HR stuff". Want to drive values.
  • want to use it to reward people for discovering new content
  • Working in Slack, looking for different ways how to recognise each other in Slack
  • Recently Employees that left the company noted that they felt unrecognised and unappreciated. Irina wants to change that. Remote company
  • Remote based company, looking to start a public appreciation
  • Moved to Slack, looking at how to improve daily interactions
  • Looking for a recognition system and rewards system as well. Came across Karma, played with it and love the product.
  • Used Karma in HipChat.
  • They are using emails for nominations, recently switched to Slack and looking for an easy way to recognise each other on Slack
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