September 23, 2019 weekly update, week 54

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Aug 21-Aug 27 $1,759.61
  • Aug 28-Sep 3 $1,080.26
  • Sep 4-Sep 10 $2,126.67
  • Sep 11-Sep 17 $1,957.35


  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $6,923.02 (+14%) Almost $7k!!
  • Total paying customers: 122 (+1.6%)
  • NPS: +73
  • Talked to users: 28

Karmabot Slack:

  • 2,157 (+3%) teams. Slow steady growth.
  • 84 paying customers. +1 new, 1 churned.
  • Active users who gave/received karma in the last 30 days: 5,610 (+3.6%) Good signal.
  • Average new teams per month: 111 New record!
  • 143 (0) teams on trial.
  • 116 (-4%) free teams with karma.
  • 1,497 (+1.5%) customers on free plan.
  • Teams using Rewards: 102 (+7%)
  • Pitched Got feedback. Need better numbers. Will try again in December. The feedback we’ve got:
  • Tremendous passion and impressive initial traction.
  • Like business concept, think it has great potential.concerned that they want to stay small/not raise. Revenue is low, which would be fine, but I think they are okay with it.
  • Great concept. Business model needs to be fleshed out further. There is a lot of potential with this concept, but the network effects and business model need to be tightened up. Revenue and margins aren't high enough yet.
  • To get to $100m they'll need to develop eventually a stand-alone product -- but there is so much competition in this area. Also, an entire product around "thanking employees" feels more like a feature than a business.
  • Big fan of the founder
  • Returned from a very pro-active trip to San Francisco ✈️
  • Connected with several investors, need to keep pitching and raising.
  • Plugged in ProfitWell stats, getting insight on all metrics.

Karmabot MS:

  • 5,944 (+1.7%) teams, 67,122 users (0) Stable.
  • Paying teams: 38 (+5%)

    Karmabot Telegram (It’s FREE!):
  • 476 teams (+2%)
  • 400 karma requests per day
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