October 18, 2019

Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 58

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Sep 18-Sep 24 $1,014.00
  • Sep 25-Oct 1 $2,636.96
  • Oct 2-Oct 8 $2,968.21
  • Oct 9-Oct 15 $1,917.82


  • (New metric!) $7,082 (+10% vs. September)
  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $8,535.82 (0) Stabilized at $8k.
  • Total paying customers: 133 (+8%) Improved MS Teams version works well.
  • NPS: +50
  • Talked to users: 25

Karmabot Slack:

Karmabot MS:

  • 5,095 registered
  • Paying teams: 40 (-4%)
  • Karma is still #1 on MS Teams app store

    Karmabot Telegram (It’s FREE!):
  • 300 teams

This week customer feedback:

“Coupled with other improvements in planning and communication it resulted in an incredibly positive team environment that reduced dropoffs by about 75% vs previous years, allowing us to field more rowers at the National Championships in July 2019 than any other University in Ireland, across the full spectrum of beginner to elite.” – Niall, UCD Boat Club

"You guys have built something really AMAZING!" – Yakin, Your Business Labs

Today's Top Milestones
  • Made $1500 in one week
    After the Black Friday deal announcement, we’ve noticed bigger interest in our Lifetime plan options 🎉 - Many of our existing subscribers switched to
  • ✨$10k MRR in five months!
    Software Ideas launched publicly on July 5th of this year. 145 days later, it officially hit $10k in monthly recurring revenue! $10k is the milestone
  • Found my first copycat (and it's a subscriber 🙈)
    Feels like a real milestone: I discovered my first "copycat" yesterday! I guess it's inevitable that if you do something that works, people will copy
  • Twitter Cards Are Ready
    Recently I created a twitter account for Prodhunt. I'll be sharing abandoned projects with their .com domains. As an additional information I'll inclu
  • Saved over $5130 for 4 charities in two months
    I started We Care Social https://wecaresocial.co/ three months ago to help charities build their websites for free on behalf of tech founders who supp
  • November Sales Hit $6819
    2020 has been a pretty bad year for this business. Our main suppliers moth-balled their business back in the March UK Lockdown and didn't really reboo
  • Traffic and signups to site
    We have created the compassion engineering and are ready launch h the new insurance comparison website in Saudi Arabia. In terms of organic traffic we
  • I doubled my Newsletter Subscribers using Reddit
    I am still learning how to use Reddit to promote and share my writing. But I was able to go from 100 to 200 subscribers with a couple of posts using R
  • 🦑 Feature Complete
    Throughout its development I had a big long list of features I wanted to support. I've now closed pretty much all of these and the app does everything
  • Launched my Job board on Product hunt.
    I created a minimalist job board for wannahireme.com/jobs to improve its value proposition. I made the board with nextjs and bootstrap. Unlike other j