November 15, 2019 weekly update, week 62

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Oct 16-Oct 22 $3,077.12
  • Oct 23-Oct 29 $1,230.22
  • Oct 30-Nov 5 $2,074.29
  • Nov 6-Nov 12 $2,402.65

To put things into perspective, organic rolling 30 days revenue:

  • End of August 2018: $1,026
  • End of October 2019: $10,956

ARPU: $58 (-3%)
Lifetime value: $2,525 (-13%)
Churn: 5% (this is unusually high)


  • Current MRR: $7,933 (+9% vs. Oct)
  • (New metric) Hyper-active users total: 7,212 (+1%) Need to engage more with regular users, not just admins.
  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $8,783 (-4%)
  • Total paying customers: 144 (+:)
  • NPS: +60

Karma for Slack:

  • 2,549 (+1%) teams.
  • 98 (+1) paying teams.
  • Active users who gave/received karma in the last 30 days: 6,154 (0)
  • Average new teams per month: 115 (+1%)
  • 128 (0) teams on trial.
  • 114 (+2%) free teams with karma last week.
  • 1,647 (+1%) customers on free plan.
  • Teams using Rewards: 176 (+23%)
  • Active discussions with 4 potential investors — these discussions and working with the metrics and $ numbers take the majority of our time, unfortunately. Karma team will be shipping more exciting features soon after this brief period of fund-raising.

Karma for MS:

  • Cleaned up the database, removed stale teams: 1,963 (+6%)
  • Paying teams: 46 (+1)

Overall, something really good and rather exciting has just happened to Karma, stay tuned for more news. We’ll be able to make the announcement soon.

Customer feedback (NPS +60):

fuck off

Our team is really happy! / Наша команда всем довольна!) – Yes, Karma can speak other languages than English.

The only issue we had with it, that my team got super excited the first day and broke the bot by adding billions of points to another bot. They are software developers. =)

Karma YT stats, we’ve just started

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