December 6, 2019 weekly update, week 65

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Nov 6-Nov 12 $2,402.65
  • Nov 13-Nov 19 $1,757.6
  • Nov 20-Nov 26 $1,783.8
  • Nov 27-Dec 03 $1,405.8

ARPU: $57 (0)
Lifetime value: $3,356 (+117%) Back to normal.
Churn: 0.4% (average 6mo 1.3%, back to normal)


  • Current MRR: $8,233 (+7% vs. Nov) The ultimate goal in Dec is $8,333 MRR ≈ $100k ARR We’re almost, almost there.
  • Hyper-active users total: 6,885 (-2%) Thanksgiving holidays, no Slack, no MS Teams, no work!
  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $7,347.8 (-8%) Usual volatility.
  • Total paying customers: 153 (+4)
  • NPS: +38

Karma for Slack:

Karma for MS:

  • Active teams: 2,344 (+5%)
  • Paying teams: 52 (+3)


  • Karma has become one of winners. Pioneer is a fully remote accelerator that funds projects and startups built by ambitious outsiders around the world. If I’m not mistaken, we are the first team from New Zealand. So proud of the team right now!
  • Karma got featured at Firstline Workers Productivity Tools for Microsoft Teams:

Customers say:

"A cultural lever"

“[…] people are using it ten times more. They enjoy how interactive it is.”

“Most of our team works remotely, so Slack is our office. Karma bot helps us to share good momentum within the team and help others to visually praise it. It makes a positive and supportive culture even when we do not see others in person often.”

“The most helpful thing about the bot is the ease with how it works. Simple ++ or --. Easy, quick way for someone to recognize something they like about what another person did. These micro recognitions throughout the day go a long way.”

“The ability for teams to define their own rewards for redemption, the leaderboards, the visibility it brings to what people are being recognised for, the ability to define our core values and tag a value against a karma reason !”

“I love some of the very basics:

  1. How karma is issued - simple at mention in Slack. Everyone has been able to figure out how to use this
  2. The animations in your Karma rewards - people love them, laugh and enjoy them a lot”

See more at G2

Today's Top Milestones
  • Accidentally erased user data for the first time.
    I did this. I deleted a user website. Permanently and irreversibly. It was published and accessible for visitors from the Internet and I killed it. Th
  • Improved Website Speed
    Indie Hackers should be much faster nowadays… at least for some of you! In the past week, the PageSpeed Insights score for our homepage on mobile jump
  • Got featured on Starter Story this week
    It was a great experience to be interviewed by @patwalls on how we validated the idea behind, the trial & errors on the road to automating
  • Our First Donation: $49.89 To Black Lives Matter
    This week we paid our first-ever hate gift donation: $49.89 to Black Lives Matter, via the Black Lives Matter Support Fund at Tides Foundation. Why T
  • We are on Product Hunt today with free ebook
    Hey there fellow Hackers, Recently we've moved to HubSpot, and I've been integration almost all of our data points with HubSpot. Because we've been gr
  • Our beta is live!
    It has been an exciting journey that has involved a lot of long nights, but we have officially launched the beta version of Accordably. The brief sens
  • Reached 400+ original logo designs
    Today we've added around 20 logos dedicated to education startups. This means we have officially reached more than 400 original designs to choose from
  • Hit 100k unique visitors! 🎉 just hit 100,000 total unique visitors! The vast majority of the traffic is driven by 100+ blog posts. Here is the site's acquisition
  • Product Hunt Re-Launch
    The bulk of the details for the new launch are in the last milestone update. But, today, I'm pretty excited to be RE launching an entirely new version
  • Launched RealWork in the App store
    Finally, after some delays, we have launched our mobile-first employee management and communication platform for the frontline workers to the Google a