July 4, 2020

Karmabot.chat weekly update, week 95

Stas Kulesh @karmabot
  • Jun 4-Jun 10 $2,719
  • Jun 11-Jun 17 $5,187.76
  • Jun 18-Jun 24 $6,480
  • Jun 25-Jul 1 $2,756

ARR: $196,8k (+2.8% vs. last week)
ARPU: $73 (+1.3% vs. last week)
Churn: 0% (0) Too early to tell this mo, projected 2%


  • Current MRR: $16,396 (+7% vs. July) $16k MRR in June reached! The new goal in July is $18k MRR!
  • Hyper-active users total: 11,154 (0 vs. last week) Slack is up, MS Teams is down. Investigating.
  • Rolling 4 weeks total: $17,142 (+4% vs. last week)
  • Total paying customers: 224 (+2 vs. last week)
  • MRR retention rate: 99.2%
  • Customer retention rate: 100%

Karma for Slack:

  • 3,377 (+0.1% vs. last week) teams.
  • 139 (+3 vs. last week) paying teams.
  • Active users who gave/received karma in the last 30 days: 9,017 (+1.8% vs. last week)
  • Average new teams per month: 132 (0 vs. last week)
  • 139 (-9% vs. last week) teams on trial.
  • 340 (-47% vs. last week) free teams with karma last week.
  • 2,333 (-0.4% vs. last week) customers on free plan.

Karma for MS:

  • Active teams: 6,655 (+1.4% vs. last week)
  • Paying teams: 75 (0 vs.last week)
  • 601 (-6% vs. last week) teams on trial.


  • Uber-emoji released! https://→.to/ycenoqm7
  • Q3 features planned
  • Custom Achievements designed
  • New YT vids are in making
  • Spoke to an investor and an advisor: got ideas for Karma applied to educational space.
  • Sent out the usual monthly Investor update. If you’re interested, contact me on https://twitter.com/stas_kulesh
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