January 21, 2020

Got my very first subscriber, kinda

Kamran @kamranicus

This one will be one to remember as I print out the notification email.

Last night I released a large update to the app and I mentioned that if people want to directly support me (and thus, indirectly the app) they can sponsor me on GitHub.

Since I don't yet have subscriptions integrated into the app, nor any perks associated with being a subscriber, I didn't expect anyone would be willing to be a GitHub sponsor. Those changes will come this year but it'll still be a little while to integrate with Stripe and add features that are valuable for my users.

So I was floored when shortly after sending my email blast, I got a notification email from GitHub saying someone became a private sponsor! 😱

I couldn't believe it! It made my month! It's not officially counting towards my MRR for the app itself but it's a huge milestone for me personally and I can at least attribute it to KTOMG indirectly!

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