November 7, 2019

Launched on Hacker News


Yesterday we launched keto power slim on Hacker News and got to the front page! Overall it resulted in 6,000 pageviews and almost 100 new signups. Here are three lessons I learned:

  1. Refine your website before launching. There were several typos and errors on my site that I could've fixed beforehand if I'd asked a few friends for their opinions.
  2. Submit multiple times if you have to. This was my third time submitting attempt in two weeks. The first two didn't make it to the front page, but this one did.
  3. Don't pay attention to the haters. There will always be some negative commenters. Ignore them, try not to take it personally, and focus on the positive.

I'm excited for what comes next!

Today's Top Milestones
  • Launch Day!
    Super excited! We have just published our release post and WP Git Updater is open for business! It's still early days but we are looking forward to an
  • $100MRR
  • Launch on Product Hunt and Hacker News
    Today I had 2 launches: So far I got 16 upvotes on Product Hunt
  • Check our website ! 😍
    Learn more about our activity on our website : Follow us on our social networks ✨ - LinkedIn :
  • Check our website ! 😍
    Learn more about our activity on our website : Follow us on our social networks ✨ - LinkedIn :
  • Launched and got first sale!
    We made the pack live and got our first sale. What a great feeling that is after putting in so much effort. The feedback from previous customers has b
  • Top 15 design tools of 2020 year
    I don’t understand how it came out, but QLO is among the top 15 design tools and a finalist in this year's Golden Kitty Awards. It is such an honor to
  • Third Paying Customer
    Our third paying customer is in the bag! This is pretty great stuff for our monthly revenue and general testing of the beta. The more customers, the m
  • E3: Davit Buniatyan, Activeloop
    Davit Buniatyan is originally from Armenia. He completed his high school years there, until he was 17, when he started to pursue his undergrad in the
  • Launch v0 landing page
    I just put online the first landing page of Thundercontent. To get started and collecting my first testers. The goal is to generate mass (+ good quali