December 12, 2019

Finally seeing an impact from SEO

Zane Milakovic @KhromeDotDev

When I launched my blog, I only wrote 3 articles. I had seen some minor SEO traffic from launch on an article that was very niche, 404 pages on Zeit hosting. My other two articles saw no traffic. This continued from July to October.

At the end of October, everything changed. An article I wrote on Vue and Storybook Decorators took off overnight, going from 5 pageviews or so a month to over 500. Yep small numbers still, but it was a noticeable change.

My running theory is that I had launched a new version of the blog, where I rebuilt the technology stack. While making these changes, I doubled down on structured content. I spent a lot of time making sure I had valid JSON+LD.

Here is the article that took off -

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