December 12, 2019

Rebuilt Site

Zane Milakovic @KhromeDotDev

This was originally done as a learning exercise.

I was upset with the bundle size for a simple Vue/Gridsome repo, and when comparing the same code to Svelte/Sapper, I saw an immediate benefit to reduce my bundle size.

I rebuild the entire site fairly easily. I moved from Vue to Svelte and changed some processes to align better with Sapper than Gridsome.

While the visual part of the site was very easy. The data processing was not, and took me a few weeks.

I decided to reproduce many features of Gridsome that I was using within Svelete so it would not be a step backward. This included having a GraphQL interface to the data parsed out of Markdown files.

The biggest benefit to this effort is I doubled down on improving the SEO of the page, specifically around Structured Content. I also improved the pagination work so each page would be static, instead of just SPA based.

Writing this from the future (12/12/19), the change was worth it for SEO. But I could have made similar edits on the Gridsome project. The new code is easier and faster to work with now that I have a lot of hurdles out of the way.

If it was not for the learning opportunity that helped my day job, I would not do this so soon after launching originally.

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