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WordPress is a simple email service for sending transactional emails. Send, receive or route your emails easily. Try for free.

April 17, 2021 Buy SMTP with Ethereum

As Ethereum is increasing in its popularity, and gaining more users, we figured there might be demand.

So from now on users can also buy our transactional SMTP service, by paying with Ethereum, among other options.

Buy SMTP with Ethereum

November 25, 2020 Launched WordPress SMTP plugin

After almost 2 months of working in the weekends on the WordPress SMTP plugin with my developer, we were very happy to launch it.

The plugin is now available in WordPress directory, read our blog including how-to:

WordPress SMTP

A Kingmailer account is needed to make it work.

October 11, 2020 $5 Email service

We are now also offering $5 plans, for smaller sites. Sites / apps, that needs email relaying up to 5.000 emails per month.

The email service we offer is ideal for webshops, online forums, member sites, or iOS/Android apps, that need email relay service.

September 2020 Added ports 587, 465 and 2525

My email service ran for a while only on port 25, while most hosting companies is blocking port 25.

The other ports were very mandatory to be added.

So now our email service supports the following ports:

Encryption that we offer: TLS.

The service costs $5 p/mo.

December 1, 2019 Email forwarding

We now have the email forwarding .

What does it mean?

Let's explain this using an example:

You run a company and you need email addresses.

In this case you can use Kingmailer to create email addresses on the fly and have emails delivered to your inbox.

Suppose you need these four different email addresses:

[email protected] domain
[email protected] domain
[email protected] domain
[email protected] domain

You can create these email addresses in your Kingmailer account and have all inbound emails delivered (routed) to your inbox (Gmail, Live, Proton).

Suppose you have multiple domains, and for all these domains you need an [email protected] domain address, or an [email protected] domain address... we got you covered.

You can also send emails using your business address, so no one will see you are sending from Gmail, Live or Proton etc.

Kingmailer keeps a history log for 6 months. In case you need to find a specific email, you can always check the History Log.

February 24, 2019 First sale in BTC

Starting Jan 2019 I started accepting BTC, along with other crypto payment options, like ETH. My first sale was in Febr 2019.

Although I am no longer accepting other crypto currencies other than Bitcoin, it was an interesting ride.

Accepting BTC / selling in BTC is fairly easy and definitely a must, because a large part of the world does not have access to PayPal or making online transactions.

I would definitely recommend; you have this as a payment option in your web store.

If your website is built with WordPress, install WooCommerce + sign up for an account with OpenNode. They also have an extension you can add with WooCommerce, which will help you make sales in Bitcoin.

If this is too much for you, just send your potential customers your BTC wallet address. Install the BitPay app on your phone, this will generate the walled address.

May 5, 2017 Founded Kingmailer

Kingmailer was founded in May of 2017 as an email delivery service.

Our priority has always been:

  • Providing an easy to use user interface
  • Customers first
  • Give customers the best email delivery
  • Affordable pricing

I began working on the research for this project in the 4th quarter of 2015. In 2016 I started testing multiple applications, open source, paid solutions.

May 2017 Kingmailer was born.

Kingmailer is for indie users, small companies, solo entrepreneurs who want to have a quick and easy way of managing their emails.

If you are a store owner or if you need to create email addresses on the fly, you will love Kingmailer. is a simple email service for sending transactional emails. Send, receive or route your emails easily. Try for free.