January 7, 2020

Brainstorming the idea

Stefan Papst @sutefan

The best way to get things started is just to schedule a meeting with all members. Thanks to Skype and co we don't even have to be in the same place.

Who is "kitfluence"?
At that point, I want to introduce my co-founders at kitfluence Thomas and Dominik. Thomas is my coding buddy and business partner at my software company Fasky(fasky.io) and we both are software devs. Dominik is my cousin and a growing character in the niche social media marketing and person brand growth hacking. You can find him on Youtube (@heydominik). Mvrq.co is the website of his social media agency.

Why do we work together?
Fasky (Thomas and me), we want to enter the SaaS business. Dominik has domain knowledge in marketing and especially social media marketing and an idea. Perfect fit!

How did we get started?
At that first Skype meeting, we got to know each other better and discussed the MVP we should start working on from now. Long story short, it's a media kit for influencers in the beginning. It should be free to use, easy to access and automatically fetching the most important stats of the clients.

For all the devs here, I will you keep updated about the technical decisions we make to enjoy a great and smooth user experience.

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