January 7, 2020

We have a release date!

Stefan Papst @sutefan

Thomas and me did put a lot of work in kitfluence in the first month but then we kinda drifted away from the side project to our main business, the software company. We had a lot of work after founding and suprisingly got a big client in the beginning, so no time for a side project.

Then we decided to schedule a meeting with all 3 of us in person in Graz. First time the founding members came together in real life and the energy was amazing. I love it and at that point I knew, this what I'm supposed to do. The meeting went great and we fixed a roadmap until the FIRST RELEASE, which will be on 31th of January 2020!!!

The roadmap includes all necessary dev features for the MVP, the marketing strategy and legal stuff we have to do.

This is gonna be amazing, I'm so excited!