January 20, 2020


Frank Rousseau @Frank_Rousseau

Since 6 months, we organize meetups about best practices for people working the animation industry.

At the beginning the talks were made for engineers and managers. We met success from day 1, where we had around 40 people coming to the first meetup. After a few months we decided to organize meetups dedicated to CG artists too. It was a good idea because we were able to gather even more people (80-90).

The cool thing is that we are on the road to remove all the costs implied by the organization. We made a sponsorship offer which allows us to have a room for free, a video streaming of the event and to buy pizza and beers for the ending cocktail. In some way, we bootstrapped our events ;).

We really enjoy doing them because it's the opportunity to increase our brand reputation while bringing value to the whole industry. At each event, people from the audience can learn new things and do networking. 400 people already subscribed on meetup.com.

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