December 6, 2019

Over 5,000 Appointments and counting!

Juan @jarteaga

As of now, Klipped has a native iOS app for both the clients to book appointments and for the barbers to manage their business. We also have an Android app for clients to book from (we still need this for the barbers/stylists).

Our weblink feature was a game-changer for our stylists! When a provider (barber or stylist) creates a profile on the app, it automatically builds a web page for them using this information. This URL is customizable by the user and it gives them a booking link for social media, to text out or to add to their existing website. This interface updates automatically with their app profile and displays accurate times, pricing and reviews.

Download the Klipped app and give us your feedback!

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    Really cool - do you charge per month, per transaction or both?

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      We have a subscription base model where we charge barbers/Stylists $20 a month. @IanMoone

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