October 18, 2019

Launched for Beta testing

Jaya Gali @jgali

We are soooo excited -- we have our first MVP product for KloutEngage and launched it for Beta testing.

Some background: We started our product journey in summer and our mission was to create a service that can offer creative ways to engage site visitors during their interactions through the site and offer them the best experience. Most businesses spend a lot of money driving traffic to their site. They need creative ways to engage visitors and "Save every visitor" and "Save every sale" to convert them to customers and buyers.

We saw some services that offer basic email capture pop-ups or promotional pop-ups. We could not find any that offered a broad set of engaging notifications, triggered based on customer activities. That got us started on building a robust set of notifications to help engage customers through their entire site journey experience.

Our service helps businesses or individuals who have a website -- it can be B2C, B2B, blog or medical site or an ecommerce site. Set up takes 2 minutes and creating the notifications is so simple, you can be up and running within minutes.

What's next?
Our beta testing got us first 10 registered customers. We are looking for more traction, feedback and what we can improve. We are giving FREE service which costs nothing to use.

Love to get input from the IndieHacker community.

See, Share and comment... :).

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