November 26, 2019

Launched Kno's Free Tier

Richard @richardesigns

To offer Kno's free tierwe had to build automated account creation so you can sign-up to Kno and get your API keys right away. This in itself was quite a milestone but the end result is we can now, and are very pleased to, offer a free tier which hopefully will be ideal of early development and side projects.

Thank you to all the Indie Hackers that gave advice on the pros and cons of offering a free tier. We are eternally grateful.

Kno's free tier offers all the same functionality as the 'Lean' plan at $29 p/m but we just cap the number of active users at 100 p/m. This should give you plenty of room to add Kno to dev, side or just plain ol' small projects.

The free plan will:

Be forever free.
Help improve conversions on your website.
Offer one click sign-in.
Offer instant account creation.
Fall back to email auth backup.

As ever, we'd love to know what you think of Kno.
Peter, Richard and Jordan.

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