January 3, 2020

Node.js and Ruby integrations increase traffic.

Peter Saxton @crowdhailer

Getting to passwordless authentication with Kno requires a server, and client integration. Before these integrations we were encouraging users to build their own server integration.

Now we have these integrations we have been able to share them in the respective language forums. This has really boosted our traffic, so much that continuing to produce integrations for other stacks is a priority. Just need to decide which ones.

Node.js https://github.com/trykno/kno-nodejs

Ruby https://github.com/trykno/kno-ruby

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    Passwordless is generally pretty simple to implement, what (I couldn't tell from the site) is the advantage of your service over just rolling your own? I'm asking because I genuinely didn't see anything explaining to me what I'd gain or who life would be easier with your service, and that might be something to look at.

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      It's a fair question. Today we published an article explaining why good magic links are not quite as trivial as first expected.


      The next step is to allow clients to become their own self issuing Open ID provider so that we can use the web.crypto to remember have trusted device auth. https://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0.html#SelfIssued

      This is not clear from our page at all. We wondered if just being a great magic link service would be enough to get started but now I think this second step is needed for us to be compelling.

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