September 22, 2019

Pushing on a few things

Andrew Lovett-Barron @andrewlb

The past bit has been difficult to focus on Knowsi. It turns out that working from home with a newborn is a challenge, and since the runway was getting a bit shorter I've started consulting a bit to cover things (though it's the kind of work I love, so that's alright).

Knowsi is continuing to do alright, with semi regular bug fixes and additions. Thankfully people are using the platform, so bugs are being found and addressed, but we're still a while from prime time.

I've gotten offers for pitching and meetups through various channels, but the big thing I'm finding is that time related to consulting commitments as well means that I can't jump on those opportunities. In this case, I don't think they were the right things, but all told, the side hustle piece is proving to be a good lesson in opportunity cost.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 100 signups for Teracrawler
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  • Screen Recorder Online is now in Chrome Web Store!
    So finally after some back and forward in the review process, my browser extension got also approved for the chrome web store.
  • Finished vercel integration
    Hi IH, Thank you for your responses to my previous milestone update. It does inspire me to progress. I have been working with Vercel & Netlify for my
  • Hit 500 signups
    Massive milestone for Proxies API( I haven't documented the progress of this app on IH because I didn't know about its existence b
  • Revolv is launched! 🎉
    Hi there, After months of hard work, the first release of Revolv is finally here! 🎉 Revolv aims to solve a critical problem for all new projects: cr