Featured on Starter Story

I launched Koala Rank here on Indie Hackers on January 2020.

It's mind-boggling to me that, 16 months later, I'm still developing the business as well as writing and talking about it.

Today Koala Rank's story was featured on Starter Story, a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs to find stories they can draw inspiration from for their own ventures.

Koala Rank was very much a process of learning what made sense to me (Arrigo) that others valued as well. And incredibly a lot of people found value in pushing for 100% original content on their website, so much so that I made my first hire yesterday.

The post on Starter Story is full of anecdotes and original imagery that I've collected over years of work as both a freelancer and then an entrepreneur. There's also never-before-seen performance data as well as tips on how to use certain systems for your business.

Check it out here » https://www.starterstory.com/from-freelancing-on-fiverr-to-starting-a-business

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