September 23, 2020

Launched a new plan!

Arrigo Lupori @Arrigo

I've spent the last few months deep in the weeds doing dozens of sales calls for Koala Rank and I've noticed an objection pattern which I think can be solved with a new plan.

Long story short, we used to offer both content strategy and creation always coupled together, there was no way to detach them. But clients often have a hard time accepting the fact that they don't know who's going to write their content even though we reassure them we only pick native, niche writers.

Working with partners and clients since launch, I've noticed that they like to have some control of what's being written, probably because they know their culture best and want to translate that into their writing themselves.

So, today, I am happy to announce that our first-ever "self-managed" plan is available for purchase.

We're not getting rid of the fully-managed plan anytime soon, we're simply giving out more flexibility at a lower price point. We already have some clients who may be interested :)

Any feedback is appreciated!

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