February 20, 2020

We got our first client…

Arrigo Lupori @Arrigo

… and they bought a premium plan!

It’s funny because they’re the same people that I thought I had lost after our first sales call (link to the thread talking about it below):


Turns out, they were still interested.

I received an email about 10 days ago saying they wanted to proceed with a quarterly plan, and sure enough, they went through with a premium quarterly plan yesterday.

I’m honestly speechless.
7+ months of work coming full circle.

The idea that people are actually interested in what we’ve built and that they’re considering working with us on a monthly retainer basis is humbling to say the least.

I guess now is the time to prove ourselves! I’m extremely excited to start this new journey and I’m looking forward to crafting great content for our clients’ blogs.

Thank you so much to everyone at IH who helped with feedback.
It’s been a fantastic experience, even through all the issues.

See you around!

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