November 26, 2019

300 twitter followers


Today reached the 300 followers mark. Haven't changed the approach. Automated following via integromat and slightly tuning follower-targeting. That makes exactly 16 days as predicted a couple of days ago. No improvements in that regard. Let's see how fast I can get to 400.

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    How did you hit 300 followers? we are building a career portal and looking for some tips on how to gain followers on twitter.

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      Answered below

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    How long did it take to get 300, 16 days?

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      This comment was deleted 7 months ago.

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        Replying to everyone here. I used integromat to create a scenario for targetting people that might be interested in our twitter content and then follow those accounts. 1/8 of the people followed will follow us back. Then gradually people also start liking and retweeting.

        16 days from 100 -> 200, 16 days from 200 -> 300

        Will keep updating with new milestones but so far it is being slow.

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          Thank you for sharing.

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