December 30, 2019

Understand the customer

Mehdi Tagaizine @ack_318

The last weeks we were working on acquisition to understand what it takes to sell our product and get our first "alpha users" without any ads.

The activation isn't a big issue in this case as we have registered some Kommunities after all.
At this point, we can focus on user retention.
We don't want users to get lost in the platform and leave from it. This is the first thing we want to empower in Kommunity.

In every iteration we do have an "acquisition time" to renew the user base and find new user problems, but those won't be massive until product market fit and so everything serves retention understanding until product market fit.

Planning a call with every customer when sending the first Kommunity registration email is a smart move. --We get a lot of feedback with it + we can start building the relationship with the customer that is essential

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