January 3, 2020

Launched a total rebuild of Kulinarian.com

Nate @Kuli

I spent the last year working nights and weekends completely rewriting and re-designing Kulinarian.com. After working on Kulinarian for 7+ years, it was time to fully purge the legacy code and start over. I don’t always advocate for completely rebuilding a site or app, but the original code was such a mess that it was holding me back and preventing me from developing new features and fixing bugs.

The previous site used PHP and Laravel 4.2 for the backend (the very first version of Kulinarian back in 2007 was CodeIgniter!). And the UI was Bootstrap SCSS and jQuery, which was a nightmare. I’m primarily a backend engineer, so UI dev can spiral out of control for me.

The new version uses Python 3 and Django 2, with the Django Rest Framework powering all requests. And the UI is a React and Mobx SPA, and I used create-react-app which is fantastic. Using React has been amazing, I find UI dev to be so much easier with a stateful component framework.

So far the results have been awesome and the users have been very happy with the updates. Now I can finally start developing more advanced recipe features.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Reached 17,000+ active users per week
    We have reached 17,000+ active users. Still, most of the installations come from Google search, Google Chrome store and our site https://parsers.me/.
  • Shutting down. 👋
    I've been working on my side project buildfaster.co for the past few months. But it's time to drop it. (temporarily 🙄) My original goal with it was t
  • Fired our first customer (nicely)!
    Context: At Logology we design logos. Started as a high-end logo generator, we’ve found a way to also shake the custom logo design market. We think we
  • Software Ideas September Metrics ($5.5k MRR)
    Every month, I want to post and recap some of my KPIs for Software Ideas. MRR September 1st: $3,706 MRR October 1st: $5,544 MRR User churn September 1
  • Crossed $100 MRR
    It looks like a small milestone but it's a huge achievement for me. I manage to x3 the MRR in almost 10 days after I removed the free tier. Obviously,
  • Launched on Product Hunt!
    Hey friends! The day has come that Swipe has launched on Product Hunt! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/swipe-c3ed98db-a38c-456b-ada2-e01708b74583 Th
  • Landing page
    Redesigned the landing page: 👉Link: https://eager.app Before: - Used Wordpress - A lot of broken links After: - Moved over to a static website (power
  • zubbit.io hits $590 in new recurring sales 🚀
    It's our end of the month post 💥 Since we re-launched and switched over to Stripe we have now reached $590 in new recurring sales during the month of
  • We've reached $100 MRR
    Over 18 months ago, I launched ReplyBox, and we've finally reached $100 MRR. It's been a long journey, so it's time for a breakdown as to what held us
  • Launched
    After coding an early draft 6 months prior, we cleaned up the code and launched the extension on the Google Web Store. Within 3 months, we had 300,000