October 14, 2019

Finally defined the idea and ready to build.

Rasul Kireev @rasulkireev

It would be extremely hard to describe everything that has been happening to me for the past 3 months, while this idea was formulating in my head.

I was reading a shit ton of literature (excuse my language) on building a income earning project, but not really doing anything about it. This is not to say that the literature was useless, on the contrary it did help to cross that fear bridge. Sometimes reading can be a form of procrastination.

In any case, I noticed I have been looking through many different productivity tools that are focused around project management, but not that many that would help me structure my own life. Of course, you could always make tools like Asana, Notion or Joplin (my favorite) work for personal life, but, I'd want something that was specifically build to help me structure my personal life, for example, recording thoughts on different topics, keeping track of who you talk to (CRM like) and generally any notes you want to keep for your personal life, like gift ideas.

I am now developing first feature of the app write now. More specifically, the first feature I want to introduce is the "Thoughts On" journals (shutout to Derek Sivers and his post on Journalism - https://sivers.org/dj), which will allow you to create infinite number of journals for different thoughts you might have. Once I publish the app with this feature as an MVP it will be much easier to keep adding new features and ideas. Will see how it goes. Right now, the goal is to finish the MVP and deploy. The rest will come.

Sorry for the long post. Future ones are going to be much smaller, I promise.