October 25, 2019

Finally Launched

Rasul Kireev @rasulkireev

Warning: Bad Language.

Holy Shit. I can not believe this. I have launched my first web app. It is not perfect, it is not done, but it is there. Anyone can go check it out... This is surreal.

I'll be honest, I'm nervous. I am nervous because I am not sure how successful this will turn out to be, but at the same time, I don't care. I have built it for myself, and I will keep developing it for myself, no matter what. But, if there are users who use my app and want some specific features, I will work on those too.

One last thing to note, is that the product is now free. Currently, it is not good enough to pay. But, once I implement the "Networking" feature I will start to charge for the signup.

I'm thankful to the Indiehackers community for helping me finally complete the project. I have been procrastinating because of some silly fears I can't even identify. This community helped me to overcome those fears and do this. Thank you all.

If you have time (even if you don't) I would appreciate if you would go to kushim.io and checkout the product. If you have any thoughts or suggestions I will take those into consideration. Thanks.

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