September 6, 2019

Price and content changes

Ely Fornoville @elyfornoville

After launching on Reddit, Product Hunt and Hacker News I received feedback. Most of the feedback was focused on the pricing. Today I took a different approach towards that pricing.
Starting with our consult for $49 dollars also allows you to scale up to one of our other packages. We will even credit the $49 for the consult towards any service package.

I also shared a bit more insight in why we offer these low prices:
We are setup to scale our operations, not run a high priced expensive boutique agency. We believe in earning our right to build high value client relationships with ongoing work and recurring revenue. Try us out, you'll be surprised at how effective we are without charging you an arm and a leg.

I also changed my content and call to action in the header to be more specific and answer more questions instead of asking questions.

Important next steps are adding use cased and showing a clear view on what the client can expect.

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