October 19, 2019

Third client!

Ely Fornoville @elyfornoville

Happy to announce that the previous client made another order via the website to review a second landing page for a different business they have. Great opportunity for me to have my project validated and creating results to publish on the website.

Improving my process and creating new ways to get the website out in the open is the planning.


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    Hey Ely, I think it's a great problem you're trying to solve!
    Well done for your 3rd customer. What's your main way of acquiring new customers right now?

    Also, on your page, I suggest you add images to the testimonials if possible, and maybe move them to the top a little bit? Otherwise I love the question in the headline, it usually works well :)
    Also you quickly answer the pricing question that's coming in the prospect header very quickly...

    I have made 3 CRO software that may be of interest to you (social proof, chat bot and email magnets). I can give them to you for free if that helps. A way to be thankfull to the IH community! Just discovered it a few days ago and I believe I've found home:)!

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      I have nothing running to acquire new customers. One came via the website/linked in and the other 2 came via a personal contact where I discussed the website with over a drink. So at the moment the idea is validated but the website needs some more work. But need to make time for that part.

      The testimonials will change once I complete the 3 client projects that are running at the moment. These will be more up to date and will have actual results put on the website.

      Good idea; I will test moving them more to the top.

      Thank you for pointing it out that the pricing question works.

      I am very interested in learning more about your CRO software. Please be in touch via the email address in my profile.

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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      • Client based it's shamefully low: 0,61%
      • Lead based it's a bit higher: 1,22%

      Currently I am not working on the website to improve it as I have focus on other projects. I hope I can put focus back on this project cause there is potential, but the market is very saturated. Hopefully with the current clients I can add some newer testimonials and result pages online.

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        This comment was deleted 8 months ago.